Rules and Regulations

Mississippi Board of Animal Health


Exhibitors must be on the NPIP/AI program for PT and AI H5H7 programs, or be tested with 15 days of the show for PT and AI and birds identified on Health Certificate for  or VS 9-2 by a NPIP tester in their state.

When registering for the show, you must provide your NPIP number on the form. This allows us to receive an entry number for you from the state. 

(Contact them: 121 N Jefferson St, Jackson, MS 39201 - (601)359-1170)

Pearl River Classic Rules


No bird can be put in a cage until full payment is received. All birds must be in their cages and hands free when judging begins. It's best to prepare for 8:30 as your cutoff. Moving or rearranging coop-cards will result in disqualification and no refund. Shavings are provided, no outside shavings can be added to a cage. Food, water, and water cups will be provided at the show. Exhibitors are allowed to provided their own sanitary show cups, and their own regular food.

Show Room Requirements


1. Show coops and cups must be made of such material that they can be kept sanitary. 2. Participation in a swap section associated with a show should be limited to exhibitors at the show. 3. Water and feed: Exhibitor's and show management must insure adequate care, feed and water are provided all birds on the premises.  4. Caging: Shall be adequate size for the type, size, and sex of the bird being shown. 5.The abuse of any substance in and around a poultry show room shall be strictly discouraged and prohibited, and violations may be reported to the APA, Inc. by sworn statement. 

ABA Exhibition Requirement


 All ABA members are expected to practice good judgement in communicating with judges, specifically leading up to and during shows. Exhibitors should recognize that any communication (verbal, written and/or social media) with officiating judges, specifically related to their entries, with the intent of identifying their bird(s)/entries is improper showroom etiquette. This and similar types of actions violates the integrity of the judges and can be construed as gaining an unfair advantage.  These actions will be governed by the Constitution, By Laws and Code of Conduct for disciplinary action. 

 (For full rules see Official ABA Show Rules.)

APA Exhibition Requirement


A. An exhibitor shall not knowingly show a bird that has been recently vaccinated or exposed to a contagious disease.  B. Any exhibitor found guilty of faking, showing borrowed specimens, or of flagrant misconduct shall be barred from competition at that show and shall forfeit any prize or exhibitor points that would otherwise be awarded. 

(For full rules see Official APA Show Rules.)

Vendor Spaces


Vendor spaces are sold on a first come first serve bases. Call Elizabeth (601)218-0171 to book in advance. The day of the show they will be gone.

 Poultry vendors are only available to exhibitors. Poultry vendor spaces are 10x10 for $10 each. Cages are not provided for the sale area.

 Merchandise Vendor spaces are available at 10x10 each space for $20 each. There are very limited electrical outlets available for an additional $5. A 50ft-100ft extension cord is needed for electricity, and a surge protector for multiple plug ins. Any merchandise vendor who donates a raffle item can receive $10 off one 10x10 spot.  No tables, chairs, or cords are provided for the sale area.

No one can set up before the booth space(s) has been paid for in full.